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Gamifiy your command line with HabitRPG

So, you're using HabitRPG to gamify your life, right? You should be; what could be better than collecting XP and gold for fixing bugs and doing chores and flossing your teeth, and developing a totally kick-arse character you'd want to show off to all your friends?

Oh yeah, doing all that from the command-line. ;)

So, I present to you hrpg, a command-line tool to integrate with HabitRPG.  It's still new, but it's very full featured.


To begin with, you'll need a HabitRPG account. Just head over to and make an account using whatever method you like. If you've already got a HabitRPG account, that's excellent!

You'll also need to install WebService::HabitRPG, which the hrpg client is bundled with. The easiest way to do this is with cpanm. If you don't have cpanm installed, I have a super-easy guide for you.
cpanm WebService::HabitRPG
On HabitRPG, head over to Settings, and navigate to the API tab. There'll be a user-id and an API-key here. Use your favourite editor to open a .habitrpgrc file in your home directory with the following format:
user_id   = xxxxxxxx-xxxx-xxxx-xxxx-xxxxxxxxxxxx
api_token = xxxxxxxx-xxxx-xxxx-xxxx-xxxxxxxxxxxx
Replace the long strings of 'x's with your user id and API token from the HabitRPG website, and we're ready to go!

Using hrpg

The easiest way to get started with hrpg is to run it with no arguments. This will provide you with a help display:
$ hrpg


    hrpg status                  : Show current HP/XP/GP
    hrpg tasks                   : Show current tasks
    hrpg habit|daily|reward|todo : Show tasks of current type
    hrpg new                     : Create new task 'hrpg new' for help.
    hrpg [+-] task               : Increment/decrement a task or habit

    Debugging commands:

    hrpg dump                    : Dump entire user info
    hrpg dump tasks              : Dump task info
Most of these commands are pretty straightforward. For example, if I type hrpg status I'll get some basic info about my character:
$ hrpg status

Hark, Paul Fenwick! (Lv 3)

HP: 45.7 / 50
XP: 25 / 170
GP: 30 | SP: 54 | CP: 18
However there are a few things which require a little more explanation, and will make your HabitRPG experience much nicer!  Firstly, let's find out how to make a task:
$ hrpg new

Usage: hrpg new [habit|todo|daily] +- "name" ["note"]
So, there are three different tasks we can make. Daily tasks are things we want to do every day, like brush our teeth, practice our anki cards, or fill in our idonethis log.  They give us XP and coins when we complete them, and will damage our HP if we neglect them.

Todo items are things which need to be done, but only once. Something like paying a bill, or booking a flight.

Habits are things which we want to get into—or out of—the habit of doing. For example, we might want to get penalised whenever we eat junk food or smoke a cigarette, or rewarded whenever we exercise or respond to a client email. Habits can be triggered multiple times per day.

The + and - modifiers tell HabitRPG if something is good, bad, or potentially both. For example, you might have a 'pomodoro' habit which rewards you for working solidly for a period of time, or penalises you if you get distracted when you're supposed to be working solidly.

Finally, all tasks need a name. This is what shows up in the web interface, but most importantly for us any unique abbreviation of this name is how we'll refer to our tasks in hrpg.

Notes are entirely optional, and will show up as tool-tips in the web interface if you use it.

So, let's make a few tasks. We'll have one that rewards us for drinking water, and penalises us for drinking unhealthy drinks. We'll have another one for responding to email (something I personally suck at), and another daily goal to floss our teeth.
hrpg new habit +- "Drink healthily"
hrpg new habit + "Respond to email"
hrpg new daily + "Floss teeth"
Once we've set up tasks, we can tell HabitRPG that we've completed them. For example, if we drank a refreshing but unhealthy drink, and then flossed our teeth, we could use:
$ hrpg - drink
$ hrpg + floss
Note that any unique abbreviation of our task name is acceptable. If we try an abbreviation that isn't unique, hrpg will provide us with a list of options, along with their unique task IDs:
$ hrpg + pomodoro

Did you mean...

* Pomodoro of paid work (12fb2922-74be-45d3-b9ed-11e2fa1721c9)
* Pomodoro of anything useful (424e327c-9738-4743-ac74-b9f5c528b555)
As an added bonus, if you're already a user for the idone command line client for idonethis, then you can mark a habit as done, and record a note in idonethis at the same time:
hrpg + email "Sent quote on flux capacitors to Dr Brown"
In the future, if HabitRPG supports logging tasks with notes, these will also be appended to your HabitRPG log.

Under the hood

hrpg sits on top of the WebService::HabitRPG module for Perl. If you're interested in reporting bugs, suggesting features, improving the docs, or even contributing code yourself, you can find the repository on github.

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  1. Cool! Thanks for the module Paul.

  2. Oh, what do you know! I *am* a user of the idone command line client for idonethis! It's almost like you were thinking of me (or just yourself :D)!